Do you feel like you're missing out on important moments with friends and family? 

Put the power of your relationships into your own hands with Peck—an app to help you nurture and sustain your most important connections in a way that’s fun, natural, and inviting.

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Get on the Path to More Meaningful Relationships.

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Build Your Community

Start with your closest friends, and tell us more about yourself and those relationships.


Start Connecting

Peck will send you helpful reminders and suggestions to deepen your connection with friends and family.

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Never Lose Touch

Get closer to your most important people. Deeper relationships lead to better health and happiness.

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Relationship 101

Peck will send you helpful tips and recommendations to build and maintain meaningful, lasting relationships without feeling overwhelmed.

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Remember What Matters

Never miss a birthday or anniversary again! Peck will send you timely reminders for your favorite people’s most important occasions and key events.

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Connect for Life

With Peck, you are encouraged to invest most in your closest relationships. We help you stay focused and connected. Think of us as your social life personal assistant and advisor!

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